2-Day Eyelash Extension Comprehensive Course

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Our 2-Day Eyelash Extension Comprehensive Course is perfect for those who are interested in becoming lash artists and providing eyelash extension as a service for clients. Within 2 days, students learn about a range of topics, including:

  • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology of Eyelashes
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Different Types and Materials of Lash Extensions
  • Designing Lash Looks According to Eye Shape
  • Lash Extension Tools
  • Lash Correction
  • Lash Removal
  • and more!

Known to many, lash extensions as a service is gaining popularity in the beauty industry. We are dedicated to teaching you the art of lash application, doing so with thorough instruction and hands-on training. Our goal is to cultivate new talented artists and leaders in the lash industry.

Note: The 2-Day Eyelash Extension Comprehensive Course differs from the 1-Day Eyelash Extension Intro in that this course covers more in-depth topics and includes hands-on training.