Intelligent Digital Micro-Pigmentation Tattoo Machine

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1) Desktop control power as the engine, a portable rechargeable model
2) With an emphasis on ergonomics the appearance uses environmental PPUS Shell, Equipped with German motor, low running noise
3) Digital Displayer, adjustable needle length, easy control of needle depth piercing into the skin
4) Full disposable needle cartridge, manual-made needle, full aseptic operation
5) Cartridge system in sterilized packaging for only one time use, with medical safety qualification certification
6) USB connecting control panel and hand-piece, digital LCD displayer with timer function and speed display function

Package Includes:

1 x Mastór intelligent displayer
1 x Mastór digital micropigmentation device
1 x power cable
1 x connecting lines (USB Head)
1 Box of Mastór Cartridge
a detailed instruction of this device