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OTC Microblading Center

About Us

Outstanding Training Center is a professional microblading school created to
constantly train our students with the latest techniques in Microblading and
Permanent Makeup.  Outstanding Microblading Training was founded by Terry Zhou,
who has over 30 years experience in permanent makeup industry.

Meet Master Trainer Terry

Founder & Master Trainer at Outstanding Training Center, a true pioneer in the permanent makeup industry with over 30 years of expereinces. Terry is more than an entrepreneur by her own right, but also encourages other women to take initiative in their lives and forge a career of their own. In the past 30 years, Terry has helped tens of thousands of women achieve their goals, and most importantly realize their self value.

What is Microblading

Different from traditional eyebrow tattooing, modern Microblading utilizes the most advanced tools and updated techniques in permanent makeup.  Goal is to create thin, natural looking hairstrokes to blend in with the existing eyebrows, to give the appearance of a natural full brow.

At Outstanding Training, we don't just train you the latest in Permanent Makeup, but we strive to constantly updating our school with new techniques, products and tools.

Microblading Career Opportunities

The average cost for Microblading ranges from $400 to $800 per service, even with just ONE client a day (20 days a month), a typical permanent makeup artist can generate between $8,000 to $16,000 monthly income.

With each service takes less than 2 hrs to complete, Microblading is a great career opportunity to add additional income to your existing professions.

Our Training Courses

Basic Courses

Our basic Microblading Courses are design for Beginner Students with little or no backgrounds in Microblading such as Hairstrokes.  Through our intensive training courses, each students will master the course and be certified as a permanent makeup artists.  Our basic courses includes, Hairstrokes, Lips, & Eyeliner.

Comprehensive Courses

Our Five Days Comprehensive Course are designed for Beginner Students with wants to learn it ALL, including Hairstrokes, Lips & Eyeliners.  This intensive 5 days course are design to walk student through all three disciplines enable students to offer services not limited to just Hairstrokes.

Advanced Courses

Our 1 Day Advanced Courses are designed for Intermediate Students with background in Microblading, either been practicing Permanent Art already or had taken some kind of training course prior to attending this one day seminar.  The classes are designed to advance a specific technical skills, we have over 20 various different types of 1 day classes.

Basic Microblading Courses

Comprehensive Microblading Courses

Advanced Microblading Courses

Microblading Shop

Get the most up-to-date tools & products for Microblading including both traditional handcraft & machine based. All of our students will also enjoy 30% OFF ALL our products & tools, contact us for discount code.

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Our Pledge to Students

100% Guarantee Mastery of attended course (can retake the course within a year)

30% OFF ALL products (contact us for discount code)

Refer a friend to any of our Basic or Comprehensive classes and receive $300 cash

Free Monthly Continuous Educations by Terry (Master Training)

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Outstanding Training Center

90 Bowery Suite 403

New York, NY 10013

T:  929-383-3368

Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

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