Beginner & Comprehensive Microblading Courses

We offer 4 Beginner / Comprehensive Microblading Courses. All courses have a live model demonstration, a practice session involving student models, and lots of hands-on training.


  • 5-Day Comprehensive Microblading Course 
    • Eyebrow, Eyeliner, and Lips
  • 3-Day Beginner's Eyebrow Microblading Course
    • Day 1: Eyebrow Designing
    • Day 2: Hair Stroke Method
    • Day 3: Handcraft Hair Stroke Needling
  • 2-Day Intermediate Eyebrow Microblading Course
    • Day 1: Live Model Demo by Instructor
    • Day 2: Hands-on Training with Student's Model
  • 1-Day Advanced Eyebrow Microblading Course
    • Color Correction Course (1 Day)


    • Machine Hair Stroke Course (1 Day)

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