Course Overview

At Outstanding Training Center, we offer courses in Permanent Makeup (Microblading), Eyelash Extensions, and Skincare. Below is an outline of the courses - click on the links to learn more.

Beginning & Comprehensive Microblading Courses

Suitable for those who are new to microblading.

  • 5-Day Comprehensive Course 
    • Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lips
  • 5-Day Advanced Eyebrow Techniques Course
    • Handcraft Hairstrokes + Machine Ombré, AND
    • Color Correction
  • 3-Day Fundamental Eyebrow Microblading Course
    • Handcraft Hairstrokes + Machine Ombré techniques

1-Day Advanced Technique Microblading Courses

Prior experience in microblading required. Suitable for beauty professionals who are interested in learning or strengthening advanced techniques. 

  • Handcraft Hairstrokes Course
  • Machine Hairstrokes Course
  • Machine Hairstrokes + Ombré Course
  • Handcraft Ombré + Machine Ombré Course
  • Eyeliner (Handcraft + Machine) Course
  • Lip Blushing (Handcraft + Machine) Course
  • Machine Shading Course
  • Areola Pigmentation Course
  • Eyebrow Color Correction Course
  • Eyeliner Color Correction Course
  • Lips Color Correction Course
  • Handcraft Hairstrokes + Machine Ombre Course

Eyelash Extension Courses 

  • 1-Day Eyelash Extension Intro Course
  • 2-Day Eyelash Extension Comprehensive Course

    Skincare Courses

    • 5-Day Fundamental Skincare Course
    • 5-Day Advanced Skincare Techniques Course