Master Terry Zhou


Terry Zhou is the Founder and Master Trainer at Outstanding Training Center. With over 30 years of experience, Terry began her career as a makeup artist and esthetician in China. She furthered her skills by taking advanced beauty courses and management seminars in Singapore, Japan, and Italy. In 1999, in the city of Taishan, Terry founded a skincare spa and training school, collectively known as Xinyafang (新雅芳). Xinyafang successfully allowed people to see the value in beauty services and produced waves of students who became professionals and even entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. 

When Terry moved to the United States in 2007, she carried over a similar vision: creating a spa alongside a training center in New York. Terry first became acquainted to the beauty industry in New York - by not only attaining her license but also making meaningful connections. She was also introduced to the permanent makeup industry, and was attracted to it almost immediately. Her passion for microblading grew as she attended more courses and performed the art on more clients. Fast forward to 2013, Terry transformed her vision into reality: Liwei Beauty Spa and Outstanding Training Center began making their history in the heart of Downtown Manhattan. Terry is proud to be leading a team of talented professionals who are meeting the beauty needs of many individuals and producing the next generation of beauty professionals.