Advanced Microblading Courses

All of our 1 Day Advanced Training Seminars are designed to enhances the expertise levels of the current Microblading practitioner / artists. Each courses are design to focus on improve 1 specific skillset at a time and our instructors are here to guide students to master that specific skillset.

All of our member students will enjoy $200 OFF ANY of our 1 day advanced classes (credit or cash will be distributed after course completion)


How to choose the right class for you

1.  Choose the Equipment - All of our classes are being offer in either using Handcraft Easter Pearl Microblading Pen for semi permanent (9-16 months) with natural hairstrokes finishing or using newest generation of Mastor Machine for longer more permanent results (1-2 years).  Choose which equipment is best suited for you.

    2.  Choose the Area - We offer wide range of pigmentation classes, choose which area you want to learn, including:  Eyebrow, Eyeliners, Lips, Areola Scalp or Hairlines.

      3.  Choose the Technique - Ombre Technique is gradual shading of colors over a working area.  Choose to take an Ombre Technique class or not.

      4.  Sign up - We offer small classroom environment typically less than 10 students each class.  Only needs a deposit of $200 to reserve a spot for you.  Call us @ 929-383-3368  to reserve your spot and pay the remaining balance when you start the course.