Lip Color Pigment (15ml)

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Versatile White is used for lightening darker colors by correcting darker discolorations.

-> Range of use:
Lips: Change lip shape with dissolving milk
Eyebrows: modify excess base color with dissolving cream
Scars: modify scars, acne marks, dullness
The difference from the pigments on the market: it can be transparent and seamless, and it can be integrated with the skin

Versatile Yellow is used to help illuminate lips by giving it a glossy effect.

-> Main purpose: bright yellow + target color = make lips look more transparent, make the color not rigid, freshen and brighten

Nude Corrective  helps conceal mistakes.

Red Inner Lip is used to help color the inner lip.

-> The wet area of ​​the inner lip has a fast color retention and good color retention. It is necessary for gradient lips and biting lip makeup.
The difference from the pigments on the market: there is no pigment specially developed for inner lips on the market.
The difference with Chinese red: the lip red is more red in the later stage

Dark Dedicated is used to help make darker lips appear more natural by lightening the base color.