Eyebrow Repair Serum (box of 5)

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 Instruction:Draw from natural plant (herbal essences)as gel condition , it contains BFGF active cytokines,honey repair cytokines and antioxidant material like Vitamin C,Vitamin B and so on.It is used for after permanent make-up treatment to rapid repair wounded skin.


Main Effect:applied when skin damaged from operation .It has the functions of repairing the wound , diminishing inflammation , antiallergy and preventing leaving scar or making the scar thinner.


UsageApply a little on the wound area after the operation and rubbing it slightly for 5-6 times per day. And keeping using for 3-5 days . It can also be applied on the situation of slight cutting, scalding and burning.


AttentionDon’t let this product into the eyes or mouth


Storage placed in a cool and ventilated area


Expiry date: for 3 years




ENT:8G WT.0.25 OZ